Dream #076 Chased

A boy is running. A man and a woman are chasing him. He climbs a hill strewn with loose rocks and stones. His size three feet slip as he climbs. His breathing is rapid; his lungs ache with every step.

His two pursuers are gaining; a man and woman in long coats that flap in the wind like capes. They want something from him. Wait… that’s not right. They want something from inside him; an unknown power.

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Dream #131: Dinosaur dreams

I’m lying on my front with thick grass and plant life all around me. It’s hot and sticky. I look up and see high trees with a thick canopy that obscures the sky. I move forward slowly, dragging my body by the elbows. I have to stay quiet.

I glance behind me at my team. They follow closely their assault rifles ready. They wear army fatigues the colour of the jungle and their faces are painted black and green. I realise I am dressed the same. And in my hands is a rifle.


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Dream #125 Saving the boy

I’m walking through a world in ruins. Disease has ravaged humanity; one single disease that’s wiped out most of the human race. There is a quarantine area that spans 4 zones. These zones are the size of small countries where those that have the disease live in slums and squalor. Outside the zone the few unaffected live in relative comfort.

Each zone is a different stage of the disease with zone four being for those in the last few months before death. People are forced to go into zone one if they contract the illness. They are moved from each zone as the disease slowly kills them. Nobody wants to move down the zones but the others that live there force them to for fear of their own illness worsening. This makes the zones dangerous and violent.


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