Dream #131: Dinosaur dreams

I’m lying on my front with coarse grass and plant life all around me. It’s hot and sticky. I look up and see high trees with a thick canopy that obscures the sky. I move forward slowly, dragging my body by the elbows. I have to stay quiet.

I glance behind me at my team. They follow closely their assault rifles ready. They wear army fatigues the colour of the jungle and their faces are painted black and green. I realise I am dressed the same. And in my hands is a rifle.

We move forward toward the ravine that we know lies just beyond the undergrowth. On the other side of the ravine is the enemy. We hunt them as they hunt us.

There are five of us on my team. We don’t know how many of the enemy there are but we know they are there waiting on us. We push through the last of the jungle to find a narrow valley; a deep slash that splits the rainforest in two. We peer across at the other side looking for signs of movement beyond the trees and bushes. We spread ourselves out in a wide arc and wait.

Time passes with no sign of life until I spot a movement to the right. A dark green shape moves beyond the trees. I hear the click of rifles beside me and I take aim.

Suddenly the wall of trees across from us lights up in an explosion of gunfire. Bullets eat at the undergrowth around me as I blindly return fire. I hear the enemy’s roar over the patter of gunfire. In a moment of bravery or madness one of the enemy springs from behind the trees and runs along the rim of the ravine. I see our enemy in the flesh.

It is the velociraptors. The dark mottled flesh of our Cretaceous enemy is sliced away as my bullets strike him but more of the dinosaurs leap from their hiding place. They carry assault rifles too, custom designed to fit their smaller arms. They shoot at us and I hear human screams as a member of my team is killed.

I keep firing until my ammo is spent but still they come. As my last bullet flies from my gun I see it strike the tail of a raptor. It turns its head to me and hisses. It takes a few steps back from the ravine’s edge then runs.

I realise it’s going to jump so I get to my feet and race back into the jungle. The raptor soars over the ravine and sprints toward me. I trip on a root and fall to the ground as the raptor runs past me. I stand quickly and as the raptor turns we face each other. It cocks its head then spits at me, hissing its disgust. I am unarmed. The raptor tosses its gun away and races towards me, I see its talons come clawing down at me when suddenly the world goes white.

I blink and I am staring down at myself. My body lies on the ground with the raptor standing over me.

I move higher, rising up toward the canopy and out over the trees. I see the swarm of raptors rushing through the jungle chasing the last few members of my team. I rise further and see the jungle stretch out beneath me the ravine cutting the jungle in half.

Still I rise. I feel something hit my back then I am pulled through a semi solid substance. It hurts me and I scream out until I am suddenly released.

I open my eyes and look down. I see a snowglobe. Inside the snowglobe is a jungle with a deep ravine that cuts it in two. There are several microscopes poised over the snowglobe connected to television screens. The screens display the action inside the globe: raptors with assault guns leap through the jungle attacking my team.

In front of the screens is the Velociraptor Overlord. He turns in surprise and hisses at me. I stand and face him and he towers a full two heads above me. His arms are not like velociraptor arms. They are longer, human like and covered with trails of thick veins. I watch him pull an arm back and I steady myself as he strikes. The impact sends me flying through a wall in a cloud of dust and plaster. Before I can stand he is pummelling me, my arms over my face to protect myself.

His punches are relentless but I manage to kick upwards then sweep his legs from under him. He staggers back and we face each other again. We exchanges blows to the body and face over and over again till we are both exhausted and fall into each other barely able to stand. Our legs give way and we stagger through the hole in the wall that I had made when thrown through it and we fall through the air.

We are hundreds of storeys up in a skyscraper and as we tumble to the ground we wrestle and fight, trying to get the upper hand. If I can get above him I know he will cushion my fall but his arms are strong and we spin uncontrollably. I see the ground rush towards us and my heart races. I am panicked and I know I’m going to die. He is too strong and we stop spinning. He is above me and he laughs in my face, his rancid dinosaur breath warms my face. I realise that I can’t beat him in strength so I stop struggling and let go of his arms. This takes him by surprise and I’m able to spin him round as he is abruptly pushed downward by his own effort.

The ground rushes toward us and I am above him. He stares at me, knowing he is going to die and he shakes his head. Suddenly I feel sorry that it had to end this way. Maybe we could have been friends. I’ve always wanted a dinosaur friend. I look at him and I know he feels it too.

I wake up as we hit the ground knowing we could have been friends.