Dream #81 Sea Lion

My door bell rings. I go downstairs to answer and find a sea lion standing there.

I know why he is there. He wants to hear all my problems.

He stands patiently as I spend several minutes telling him all my troubles.

He is quiet and occasionally nods which I take to mean that he is agreeing with me.

When I’ve finished speaking he honks at me. He wants payment. I hadn’t realised this was a service. I thought the sea lion was just being nice.

‘I don’t have any fish,’ I tell him.

He honks at me again. I can tell he is annoyed by the tone of his honk.

‘I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do,’ I say. ‘I don’t have any fish here.’

I close the door on him feeling guilty.

For the rest of the day the sea lion follows me around honking at me and calling me a dick.