Dream #804 Black dogs

I’m sitting on top of a high shelf overlooking an open plan building. I can see into several areas from my vantage point. Ahead of me a room of people sit around a long breakfast table eating and chatting happily.
The room next door on the left has some kind of class going on; yoga perhaps or something with more energy. A dance class maybe. In front of me are a group of friends sitting on sofas. I’m perched just above them.

Am i on top of some wardrobes? Why am I so high above them.

Everyone seems really happy. They’re all excited to be there but I know danger is coming. Something is approaching the building. I start to panic and look over at the dance class. One moment they are there, dancing and spinning around each other hand in hand, then there is a sudden second of terror and they vanish.

Just disappear.

No screams, no shouts, no cries for help.

I yell out at the people having breakfast who are oblivious to the horror that has occurred just a few meters from them.

My voice is muffled.

Are they behind glass.

I see the black shapes now. THey move as a toiling pack switching places, in and out like a black inky fluid. A pack of black dogs race towards them and suddenly the vanish.

I shout again to warn everyone but the dogs are already beneath me.

My friends are gone.

They jump up at me, snapping their jaws. They have no fur, just black skin that is too black to be natural. I can see empty voids in the darkness of their skin. Their eyes are surrounded my milky white hoops, a ghostly halo around blood red centres. They snap and howl at me, their paws scrabbling on the walls at my feet.

I am just out of reach but it is only moments before they catch the lip of the shelf and climb up at me.

There is a glass door into the room on the same side of the wall as me. A noise distracts the dogs and their heads turn as one.

I look through the glass and see my friend appear in the corridor beyond. She is with two other people. They are returning from a trip, tired and ready to sleep. They pen a door to a dorm room on the opposite side of the corridor. They are oblivious to the dogs that now leap at th door.

The glass explodes and in seconds my friends companions are gone, my friend barely managing to barricade the door.

The pack of dogs fly away up the corridor pursuing some hidden prey.

I wait a while then climb down from my perch.

My friend greets me, panicked and scared.

We head up the corridor following the route the dogs took. We know that it may be dangerous but we have to see. We have to know what is coming.

We find ourselves outside in the city.

It is deserted.

Everyone is gone.

We are all that is left.