Dream #291 She had to be Killed

There was girl on my bed. A girl I was in love with. She was naked, beautiful with silk soft skin.

She had to be killed.

There was something was inside her. Something evil and festering.

Tiny flies escaped from her mouth. When they landed on the quilt nearby they would turn the surface beneath their feet black.

She had to be killed.

I knew it was me who had to kill her this but I also knew that I loved her.

A gun lay beside me. An old fashion cowboy pistol with a silver spinning barrel. I loaded it with bullets, clicked the barrel back in place and held the gun to the side of her head. She pushed against me seductively and stroked the inside of my thigh.

She loved me too.

I pulled the trigger.

They was a loud pop then nothing. She smiled at me, another fly escaping from between her teeth.

Her head was still intact. Not a mark on her. I emptied the gun of bullets and refilled it. I pressed the gun to her forehead.

She writhed on the bed pushing her breasts together with her arms her hand now caressing my crotch.

I pulled the trigger.

Another loud pop and again nothing. Not even a mark.

I reloaded the gun frantically. Her hands were all over me now. I wanted to be with her, I didn't want to kill her but I knew that evil was inside her.

Did that matter? Could I live with that?

I fumbled with the bullets, struggled to get them into the chambers. I got one slotted home and threw the rest away. I'd only need one. I slapped the chamber closed and quickly pulled the girl's head away from my face preventing her from kissing me. I stuck the barrel of the gun under her chin and pulled the trigger. The bullet fired and the top of her head exploded across the floor in a red sticky mess.

I woke up.