Dream #177 Lego Tyrant

I can see him coming towards me. There is a light behind him so I can only make out his silhouette, a bright halo around his outline.

I can see he is a lego man. A giant lego man. He has that distinct shape: the box torso and cuboid legs, the grapple hands and the rounded head with the protrusion at the top.

He towers above me as he approaches like. I could reached the top of his head if I were to jump.

The light behind him fades and he is suddenly in front of me, no longer an approaching outline but a real and solid lego man.

I see now that he is not just a little lego piece that has been blown up to giant proportions but he is built from thousands of lego bricks. Yellow bricks for his body and arms and red bricks for his legs.

It is his head that terrifies me most. THe bricks used are clear so you can see inside his ‘skull.’ Beyond the clear facade with the drawn on eyes and grinning mouth is the lego mans brain. It floats atop a swirl of milky white liquid. The brain pulses with life twisting and turning like a knot of pink wet snakes. It is held in place by six tendrils of veiny chords that connect the brain to the side of the skull and I see each one has an octopus like sucker at the end with tiny teeth gouged into the clear bricks.

He is King of the Lego and he despises humans. He wants to destroy them. He wants to destroy me. I am an in his way, an ant in the path of an elephant but I have unnatural strength in my hands. I grab his feet and start to squeeze. I feel the hard plastic slowly compact between my fingers as I push and contract and squeeze the Lego King down to size.

THere is a chest freezer nearby and I quickly squash him into it before he can spring back to full size and destroy me. I slam the freezer lid down on him. The top is made from glass and his stupid drawn on face stares up at me and behind the glass and the clear plastic brick is that terrible pulsing brain and its thought of destruction and evil and death.