Dream #98, I am a Gummi Bear

I am a gummi bear. Not the cute cartoon gummi bears from the 80s tv show but a giant edible jelly gummi bear.

I’m seven feet tall. I look at my hands and see thick dumpy jelly-fingers. They are almost translucent but tinged with green and yellow that I know tastes so good.

I look up and see a group of women. They are all attractive. They are looking at me with hungry eyes but I know this isn’t that kind of hunger.

They want to eat me.

I start running and they give chase. There is no direction and no destination just the awareness that sometjhing is behind you chasing you and all you want is to escape from its clutches. Sometimes these dreams are monsters or animals, sometimes they are people but they are always the same. Running, sprinting, racing, my heart pounding in my chest, cursing my stupid human body for not being fast enough, not having enough stamina to outrun my pursuers.

It’s hard to run with fat jelly legs and every so often one of the women tear a chunk from my back and devour it like a rabid dog.

I turn my fat jelly head to look at them and their faces have changed. They have warped into something decaying and dead. They are zombies that feed on jelly flesh.

I run but I am too fat.

I am devoured.