Dream #423 Face made of Snakes

There's a face in front of me. It's a face made of snakes.

Its cheek bones are snakes. Its eyelids are snakes. Its lips and cheeks and forehead are all snakes.

The eyeballs are snake heads that stare out at me forked tongues flicking.

The face is human shaped; each snake following the path where muscles would be. They move and stretch as its snake mouth opens and closes in silent whispers.

I don't know what it is saying to me but it is moving closer to me. I think its smiling at me. If you can call it a smile. The two thin snakes that make up each lip part and I see a dark space in there. Something lurks there.

Something with legs.

I see the individual hairs on one of the legs that suddenly pokes out from between the snakes. A arachnid.

Even the word makes me shiver. I see another leg and the round shape of its body.

The face of snakes has a tarantula for a tongue and it is moving toward me.

I realise what it wants now.

I am paralysed. My body has petrified, my limbs rigid.

It wants to kiss me.

I want to scream but I too scared to open my mouth.

It comes inches from my face and the snakes curl toward me. They wrap around my head like a mask and now I am the face of snakes. The envelop my entire head, coiling over my ears and round my neck.

I stare out at all that is left. The arachnid hovers there unmoving, terrifyingly still.

Despite my efforts the snake lips pull my own mouth apart.

I don't want this.

I don't want it in my mouth.

The arachnid flicks a leg forward tentatively. I feel it on lip.

I don't want it in my mouth.

It waits there for what seems like hours then suddenly it darts forward into my mouth. I feel the hairs on its body tickle the top of my mouth. It turns around. I feel each leg pressing down on my tongue. It settles there as I try to scream. I can't breathe, I daren't swallow.

I don't want it in my mouth.