Kate and the Stickman

The barn that sat at the top of the hill on the other side of the meadow was a dark grey colour, faded in patches, the grain of the wood showing through. It hadn't been used in many years other than somewhere for Kate and her friends to play in when they were kids. On the door of the barn a stickman had been recently painted in whitewash. His legs and arms struck outwards as if he was doing a star jump and his head was a perfect circle. Two smaller circles with dots in the middle represented eyes and his straight-line mouth had two buck teeth protruding from beneath.

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The Star Tree

Ren and Kuko lay on their backs beneath chequered blankets gazing up at the clear night sky. Ren and Kuko's favourite thing in the whole world was star gazing and every night Ren would visit Kuko and they would lie outside in the garden and stare upwards counting the stars and naming the constellations. Often they would make up their own by tracing invisible lines from star to star with their fingers and conjure up wonderful stories about how those constellations came to be.

Kuko's favourite constellation was called Sorla the Star Catcher. Long ago Sorla had caught all the stars in the sky with her net and offered them to the love of her life as a gift. Kuko had been very proud of her story but little did she know it had also given Ren an idea.

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The Slug and the Caterpillar

The caterpillar munched happily on his leaf dreaming of the glorious day that he would fly across the garden as a butterfly displaying his brand new wings to the world. It was a pleasing thought which encouraged him to eat more and more of his leaf so that he would be as fat as possible when it came time to enter metamorphosis, for he knew that the fattest of caterpillars became the most beautiful of butterflies.

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The Fallen Star

Every night Couscous could be found on the window sill staring up at the night sky with his tail hanging down over the radiator. His nose would be pressed against the glass as he counted stars.

Couscous liked counting stars. No matter how long he sat with his breath steaming up the glass he could never count them all before the sun came up or his eyes would close. Sometimes Ababa, Couscous' best friend, would pull up her chair so Couscous could curl up on her lap and together they would count the night lights as Ababa stroked his fur.

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George's Day Off

George woke early and as he did every single day he stretched his arms, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, put on his fluffy slippers and went to the window to check the weather. Grey clouds crept threateningly over his house. George sighed wearily. It was going to be another busy day.

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